Pregnancy Diet

Do you need some inspiration for eating well while pregnant? I kept a diary of what I ate during my pregnancy in hopes that it could be an inspiration to other pregnant mommas. Check out all the posts here!

Twenty-one weeks
Twenty-two weeks
Twenty-three weeks (Travel Edition)
Twenty-four weeks 
Twenty-five weeks + Pregnancy Tea Recipe
Twenty-six weeks (what I ate for a whole week!)
Twenty-Seven Weeks (bad day + good day)
Twenty-Eight Weeks + Supplements
Thirty Weeks
Thirty-One Weeks 
Thirty-Four Weeks


  1. I love this, very helpful ideas and encouragement! I am in my second trimester with my second baby. I am big into brewer's diet and eating a lot during pregnancy but really struggling this time around (did great with my first pregnancy). I have NO appetite. I'm not sick but just not hungry and food is not appealing. Any encouragement or ideas?

    1. Sarah, congratulations on your pregnancy! I would say whatever sounds good, eat that. During my first pregnancy there were times that all I wanted was french toast. So that's what I ate, multiple times a day. Find a healthy version of whatever sounds good and eat it. Can you do smoothies? They are a great way to pack in nutrients without feeling like you are eating a ton. Good luck!